Friday, May 14, 2010

Chicken Feathers by Joy Cowley, illustrated by David Elliot

FLAG: We thought this book was a great read-aloud book, but there were some words/phrases/parts that I edited as I read. Better to read it yourself before handing it to a child, or just to enjoy it read by an editing mother.

Ever wonder about an animal that could really talk in a world of disbelieving humans? This comical story tells the story of a sassy, old, homemade beer-drinking (!) chicken named Semolina who is Josh Miller's best friend. Josh, an 11 (?) year old only child who lives on a chicken farm, finds out from Semolina that a fox is steeling the eggs from egg house #3. Josh's dad, Tucker, is a more than a little skeptical--especially since the supposed information source is the chicken! Josh's mother, Elizabeth, has to go to the hospital to stay on bed rest to see if she can "hatch" a sister for Josh. Josh's strict-and-grumpy grandmother comes to help cook and clean while Josh and Tucker take care of the farm. Will anyone ever believe Josh? Will Josh finally be able to having a sibling? Will his grandmother ever understand and be nice? As I type this plot description, I realize it sounds pretty strange. But Chicken Feathers really is just a delightful tale about a boy and his loving family, forgiveness, hope, friendship, and laughter.

We recommend it as a fun summer family read. Darling illustrations. And not just because we're raising a chicken right now!

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