Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Boxmaker's Son by Donald Smurthwaite

I just finished this incredibly sweet story by a boy about his father. It is a love story, hands down, just a different kind of love than what we are generally used to. It is a portrait of a gentler, simpler time (which I couldn't help longing for...) and those who lived greatly in it. I was touched by almost every page.

I didn't think it was overly emotional, but then I am an overly emotional person. I like what I like, and I hope you like this too. I was drawn in by the details of his childhood, accented by experiences with and observances of his father, his church congregation, and neighborhood friends.

If you want to feel good, inspired, and uplifted, don't miss this book. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Go here to learn more about Donald Smurthwaite's books.

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